What happened to Georgia Luthier Supply?

October 18, 2020

What happened to Georgia Luthier Supply?

Georgia Luthier Supply is an e-commerce site that I had set up around 2011. I developed many plans to help luthiers and up-and-coming luthiers to better their building skills and provide a firm foundation for instrument building. Since I wanted to provide access to our plans in any country, I set the website up to sell plans digitally. The only platform that could handle this was at the time ZenCart, and it worked very well at that time.

Since music and luthiery was not my primary vocation as I am a registered architect with a very successful practice, I did not have the time to dedicate myself to the technical support of the site. Therefore I enlisted a person to run the day-to-day operations, serving the needs of customers. Unfortunately in the last few years, she didn't devote any time to dealing with questions and problems that would occasionally arise. Also, I had not received hardly any remuneration for all of my hard work and my reputation was at stake.

In January, I decided to rectify the situation and move the site contents to a different and more advanced e-commerce hosting service, almost doubled the amount of plans available, and updated many of the plans I already had on the Georgia site. I teamed up with Cathy Whitener who has a marketing background and extensive experience in customer relations to run the site in a more customer friendly manner. Also, I had additional time on my hands because the Covid-19 crisis had almost shut down the construction industry.

In September I completely shut down Georgia Luthier Supply, and re-directed all traffic to GenOne Luthier Supply. We have had a surge of new customers and I am proud to say, we are again meeting the needs of the customer. Here are our goals:

  1. Supply the Best Instrument Plans Available Anywhere.
  2. Answer Technical Support Questions Within 2 Business Days.
  3. Attempt to Rectify Problems with Georgia Luthier Supply Customers.
  4. Keep Our Site Fresh and Updated Constantly.
  5. Provide Prompt Courteous Service to Our Customers.

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