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Gibson Mustache Bridge 3D CNC Files

The Gibson Mustache Bridge is a very decorative bridge that Gibson used on several of their guitar models including the J-200 Jumbo, J45 and J50. The bridge resembles a mustache shape with the scrolls on the 2 ends of the bridge. Also, there is MOP inlay that additionally decorates this beautiful bridge.

The bridge edge has a fillet edge of about 2.5mm and the bridge pins form an arc on the bottom of the bridge. The plan here features a compensated saddle slot. Also, it should be noted that the original bridge was bolted to the top. This is not necessary as the adhesive will easily resist the string forces.

This free plan features complete plans which will allow you to fabricate this great bridge. Also, there is an option to download the 3D CNC files so you can run this on a CNC machine. Since all is free this is a great opportunity to test out the 3D CNC files on your setup without expense. Files included are STEP and STL formats.

All of these plans are digital downloads. This plan is sized to print out on one 8.5 x 11" sheet.

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