2D CNC Files

March 07, 2020

2D CNC Files

We are now offering all of our Guitar Tool Plans to our customers interested in using them for their CNC milling operations. We have had many requests for these files and the time has now come!

File Formats:

Both formats will be included in one download and is easily unzipped. Both formats will include all the layers required for easy separation into the Tool Paths you will need for your CNC software. These files can be loaded into your CAD program for editing as well. and are easily modified with AutoCAD 2000 and later, and most other CAD programs.

Note that these are not just DXF & DWG files that we have written from our drawings that we use to produce the PDF plans. These are files that are specifically designed to work with CNC software by stripping out the unusable extraneous information of text, dimensions, lines etc.. You are left with clean, closed vector entities and only the layers you will need for importing into your CAD system or CNC software.

Example 2D CNC File Heated Ukulele Bender
Layer Layouts Included:
Cutout (Outside Cut Line of Each Piece)
Pockets (Different Layers for Different Pocket Depths)
Screw Through Holes
Through Holes (All Holes Required to be Routed Completely Through Piece)
Screw Pilot Holes
Hold Downs (Small Hole for Screwing the Workpiece Down Prior to Milling)

All Vectors used for tool paths are closed.

All files are 2D. You will need to set the pocket and cutout depths in your CNC Software.

Centerlines are included for your convenience, but are on their own layer and can be turned off if you desire.

Note that these files are available for purchase in combination with the associated tool plan. If you have purchased your tool plan separately, please email us and we will invoice you for just the CNC file.

Rights and Ownership of These Files:

These are Copyrighted files and GenOne Luthier Supply is offering

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