About Us

Hello everyone,

My name is David and I have setup the GenOne Luthier Services Plan Store.

I began playing the guitar when I was 12, and started giving lessons when I was 15  for the local guitar center. This was a real Godsend for me for it generated enough income to pay for my college education.

When I was 23, I started working for Del Langejans at his Guitar Shop giving guitar and banjo lessons. At this time Del starting building guitars and was using the Irving Sloane book on Classical Guitar Construction, as his main source for knowledge. I must say, the first guitars were kinda crude, but it was a learning process. Del and I also became good friends and we did musical gigs at local establishments and local colleges. I continued giving lessens until I was 27.

Del's guitar building really improved throughout the years and he soon was building guitars for many notable musicians. His top end guitars eventually reached the $25,000 level for a top tier custom guitar.

Shortly after starting work at Del's, I teamed up with my father, who was also a musician and a cabinet maker, and we started building our own line of guitars. Unfortunately my father died a few short years after we started this endeavor and I decided to pursue my major in Architecture. I still appreciate to this day the education about woodworking he passed on to me as my father was employed in the model department of a high end furniture manufacturer.

My main vocation is that I own an Architectural Company and I am a registered architect. I officially started my business in the 1980's and it continues to this day and I still work full time. I deal mostly with commercial projects with a few exclusive residential project sprinkled in-between.  I changed over to a CAD system and in then in 1995 converted everything to the MacIntosh platform.

Throughout the years I still managed to actively play the guitar and build a few for family, friends and acquaintances, and it wasn't until about 2006 that I started drafting guitar plans on my CAD system, which was mostly for my own use in guitar building. A friend convinced me to develop this skill and offer my plans for sale so others could share my joy in the instrument building process.

My plan count is now well above 180, and with my artistic and design abilities, I have be able to generate very detailed and concise plans. I hope you agree!

Thank You so much for visiting my site and above all else enjoy building your own special instruments.