• MasterTone 5-String Banjo 3D CNC

    4 & 5 String Banjo Models, More Acoustic Guitar Necks Including the Historic Martin Diamond Joint Neck.
    5-String Banjo Files
  • F5 Lloyd Loar 3D CNC Files Now Available

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  • Plans For The Discriminating Luthier

    Acoustic, Classical & Electric Guitar Plans, Ukulele Plans, Luthier Tool Plans
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  • Luthier Tool Plans

    Benders, Forms Gluing Jigs and More
    Luthier Tool Plans
  • New Florentine Cutaway Plans

    Check out our new line of Florentine Plans
    Florentine Plans
  • Check Out Our Upgraded Building Book

    Guitar & Ukulele Construction Handbook Packed Full of Useful Building Information
    GLS Book
  • Check Out Our New V-Braced Plans

    Based on the latest technology
    V-Brace Plan Collection
  • A5 Mandolin 3D CNC Files

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  • Electric Guitar 3D CNC Files

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