GenOne Luthier Supply Plans

May 15, 2020

GenOne Luthier Supply Plans

Stringed Instrument Making, Stringed Instrument Construction, Stringed Instrument Building or Lutherie, whatever you call it, all boils down to the same thing - how to make your own stringed instruments or a stringed instrument for others.

There is no doubt about it - building your own stringed instrument can be an extremely rewarding process. When you finish your first project, it will be one of those days in your life that you will always remember. I know I STILL remember the day I strung up my first handmade guitar and gave it a whirl. It was pretty awesome. I still get tingles on the day I string up a guitar, one that I have been slaving over for weeks and months. I hope to pass that same feeling on to you.

The purpose of this site is to streamline the building process and give you good pointers and send you off into the right direction. Secondly we hope that you will reward others with documentation of your journey, questions and most of all - answers to others struggling with processes that you have conquered or can give insight on.

Here are some of the things will be covering in this blog.

  • Bracing: Since most of the tone achieved from your new handmade instrument is from the top place bracing patterns, we will explore different bracing patterns for both acoustic and classical guitars, ukuleles mandolins etc..
  • CNC Plans: We now offer both 2D and 3D CNC Plans. Not all instruments are covered yet with there 3D plans, but they are for the 3D plans. We also offer 3D CNC plans for our Luthier Tools
  • Jigs: There are a lot of special jigs, forms etc. that can make your life easier in the world of lutherie. We will have plans for many jigs. Stop back often:
    Go Board Gluing Jig Plans
    Guitar Plate Gluing Jig
  •  Templates: What you need, don't need and how to make your own.
  • Product Reviews: We will offer this section for tools and construction aid review. We will give it the once-over and give you our honest opinion as to the need and value of the product.
  • Plans: We of course will offer our detailed plans that we have available at GenOne Luthier Supply as the preferred set of plans. :-) If you wish you can just visit our Shopping Site, where we have a growing variety of Guitar Building Plans available for your use in pursuing your passion so you CAN build your own guitar. Look for all of our plans that are available in this one handy location. The is were we will group all of our guitar plans, jig plans, form and mold plans. This is also where we will post the free plans that we have available too - and this list will keep on growing.

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