Baritone 14 Bell Ukulele Plans

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      Full sized, very detailed plans of a the largest-sized ukulele - the Baritone sized model. This plan details plans for the Bell-Shaped version of the Baratone sized ukulele, which is also referred to as the dreadnought shape.

      This ukulele is a 14-fret version of the largest size of the ukulele family. The neck joins the body at the 14th fret. It is equipped with 4 strings, fan bracing for excellent sound production and great volume characteristics, and traditional surface mounted, classical guitar style, tie-on bridge, which additionally enhances the tone. Note that the bracing for the top plate does change significantly when compared to the 12-fret version of this instrument.

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      The following tabs detail our Baritone 14 Bell Ukulele Plans and what you can expect to receive: