Guitar & Ukulele Construction Guide

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    The Guitar & Ukulele Construction Guide has been in the works for several years now. The book is packed with guitar and ukulele building instruction to help you build your instrument quicker, more accurately, and with confidence and proper detail. Whether you are a first time builder or have a few instrument builds under your belt, this book will benefit you greatly in the art of how to make a guitar or ukulele of your dreams!

    We are now introducing an updated and expanded version of the original book with even more information, tips and tricks to give you a better experience.

    Here are some of the additions:

    More information on Slotted Headstocks for acoustic guitars.
    Enhanced detail for wood binding construction and installation.
    More detailed information of linings and info on hand-placed lining blocks.
    ZipFlex abalone strip installation.
    Much more information for fret installation, both bound and unbound fretboards.
    Section added on Glued-In Frets
    Additional Information added for acoustic guitar bridge installation
    Sections added on fitting the nut, nut details and much more.
    Section Added on The Construction Process - Step by Step Order. This section gives you a logical order in the building process.
    Section Added on "Sample Dreadnought Plans" Shows an example of a typical set of guitar plans you will receive from GLS. (note these plans are not full resolution).


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