Grand Auditorium 12-String Guitar Form Package

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    Form Package for our Grand Auditorium 12-String Guitar Plan.

    Some of the first and most important specialty guitar tools or forms you will need for a successful guitar build are the GenOne Luthier Supply Inside Form and the Workboard. Every luthier should have one set of these useful tools for each instrument shape that is built.

    The inside form can handle many tasks. It acts as a holding fixture while the back of a guitar is glued in place using clamps at the head and butt blocks and rubber bands to clamp the remainder of the back to the sides. Pretty slick! No matter what the depth of guitar, I choose to make my inside forms with 5 layers of plywood. This adds up to about 3” of depth depending of the actual plywood thickness. Forms can be constructed with lesser layers of plywood, but that sacrifices some of the utility of the form.

    Note: As ALL of our plans are sold as digital downloads, when you complete your plan purchase with us, you will automatically be given a download link to access the plans.

    I have also found our Adjustable Inside Form a valuable asset in building quality instruments. It allows additional access to the guitar sides and adjusts to any shape guitar that we have, all with one form. CLICK HERE for more information on that tool.

    For our Blog Article including information on building our Inside Forms, including tools needed, CLICK HERE.