Fret Dressing Tool

The Fret Dressing Tool gives great results by filing even and consistent angles on the fret ends. The tool can easily be run across the frets and apply even pressure against the fret ends. It can also be run across the fretboard portion that extends over the top without worry of damage.

The tool is easy to make with a table saw and some scrap Hard Maple and an old bastard file. Simply cut the wood to shape, following the plans shown here and cut a 45 degree miter in one corner of the tool that snugly holds the file. Then either secure the file with epoxy glue. or to make the file removable or reversible, secure the file with bolts or screws.

Not only can you file the fret ends at a perfect 45 degree angle, you can continue running the file along the fretboard and place a small chamfer of the fretboard or fretboard binding edge.

The plans, which you can freely download here are intended only as a guide for you to build your own tool. You may want to vary the size and shapes of this tool to better fit your hand or your working regimen.

Plans show the assembled jig, along with complete dimensions and notes. Every part of the jig is carefully dimensioned and noted for clarity and ease of construction. 

All of these plans are electronic downloads. This plan is sized to print out on one 11"x17" sheet or you can splice (2) letter sized sheets together. The plans are at a 100% scale and you can use them as a template as required

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