GenOne Temperature Controller Kit

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    General Information:

    It's really convenient to have the Heating Blanket Controller built-into your Side Bender. We originally designed this concept and now are re-introducing it to our ever-growing audience of instrument builders.

    Our GenOne Temperature Controller Kit for Heated Side Benders is now available for both our guitar and ukulele benders. We supply all the electronics, controller, SSR, thermocouple wire, wire connectors and power cord for this great addition to your bender.

    If you purchased our Heated Guitar Bender Plans or our Heated Ukulele Bender Plans, the back plate for the bender is already drawn to accept the parts included within this kit.

    All you have to supply is the plywood parts and heating blanket. The hardware kit will allow you to complete the bender and get you up and operating with bending even the most delicate tonewood.

    The specs below detail all the parts you will receive for your kit.

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    For the Ukulele Side Bender Plan, CLICK HERE.

    Note: All Hardware Packages Only Available to USA Customers - All 50 States.


    • PIN Temperature Controller 48mm x 48mm opening requirement. 90-265v A/C D/C Input. C/F display.
    • Digital SSR 25A for converting A/C to D/C.
    • Thermocouple used to measure wood temperature.
    • 6' Power Cord (Removable)
    • A/C Power Outlet for Blanket.
    • A/C Power Recepticle for Power Cord.
    • Spade Wiring Connectors for Connection to SSR
    • Female Disconnect Connectors for Connection to A/C In & Blanket Recepticles.
    • 4' of 18 Ga Insulated Wiring for all connections.
    • Dome Connector and Nut for Running Thermocouple Cable.
    • Easy-to-Follow Instruction w/Included 7-Page Manual.

    Tools Required to Build This Kit:

    • Wire Crimper
    • Phillips head screwdriver
    • Channel lock pliers
    • Thick Instant Glue or hot glue stick.
    • Soldering Iron & Solder
    • Wire stripper and wire cutter.

    Even if you do not have electrical experience, most anyone can build this controller with our complete instructions and diagrams, which are included with every order. Also included are instructions for wood bending with our Controller and instructions for building instrument forms.

    Note: Silicone Heating Blanket and Plywood Face Plates shown in photos are not included with this kit. Photos shown are for the Ukulele Bender. Guitar Bender has a slightly different configuration but all electronics are identical.