Belly Bridge Clamp - Wood

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      Gluing an acoustic guitar bridge is one of the most exacting tasks in the final building stage of a guitar that you have labored over all those many week. If not installed perfectly, you can suffer tonal compromise, intonation problems and string registration problems.

      Also, in gluing it the traditional manner, you use (3) deep-throat clamps that have to traverse the sound-hole and interior bracing in order to securely clamp your bridge. Also, it is imperative that the glue be quickly and efficiently cleaned up and working around the clamps can be a big headache.If you have ever glued an acoustic guitar bridge.

      This clamp allows you to quickly and effectively glue a bridge for an acoustic guitar to get that paper-thin glue line we strive for and also allows you to easily work around it to clean-up the glue squeeze-out from the clamping process.

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