Deluxe Neck Cradle Plans

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    Working with fragile wood instruments calls for safety measures as the construction processes progresses. The Deluxe Neck Cradle will hold your work firmly in place while you do many major or minor tasks.

    The Neck Cradle will securely support the neck and holds the guitar in place while sanding the neck, fretboard and all headpiece work tasks. So no matter if you need to do a quick tuneup on a fret job or are doing major construction, this little fixture will be up to the task.

    You can also easily relieve the top clamping bar to complete fret work, nut adjustment and final setup of your guitar.

    This plan consists of one sheet that shows the top view, end view, and front elevation of the cradle so you can easily construct it. As with all of the plans you will find here, this one is very complete with notes and dimensions and full-size print-outs for all the parts so you can effortlessly make this tool in a couple of hours.

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