Kerfing Slot Cutter

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    Kerfings (also know as linings) are the tapered strips of wood that secure the top and back plates of a guitar or ukulele to the sides. There are several profiles of kerfings that are used by luthiers, usually being triangular profile or rectangular profile with a radius edge.

    In order to bend the kerfing, (without pre-bending), the lining needs to be slotted to conform to the sides of the instrument. 

    Unevenly cut slots show up on the back of the instrument when viewed through the soundhole of the instrument. Usually the mark of an amature luthier. You can of course purchase pre-slotted kerfings or linings, but in order to maintain better control, I prefer to cut my own. This jig will easily allow you to cut enough linings for a guitar in a matter of minutes and they will be perfectly spaced and depth of cut will be uniform. They look great.

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