Neck Assembly Jig Plans

  • Description

    For years I struggled with neck glue-ups. The culprit was holding the scarf joint in place during gluing and trying to glue the heel block stack into place. This was always a problem because the glue film was not tacky enough to hold the wood pieces in place. Invariably the wood would shift out of position, and I would have to start all over.

    Not only does the Neck Assembly Jig fix these problems, it gives you solutions to other complexities involved with neck layups.

    By using this tool you can glue up a neck in just minutes with perfect results. We have spent a lot of time and many prototypes before coming with the ultimate solution to give you the perfect cut and assembled neck - the first time, and every time.

    First: Download the Neck Assembly Jig Plans from our store and build this tool in a view hours.

    Second:  Load the neck blank into the tool and clamp it in place with (2) quick release clamps. This will allow you to effortlessly cut the scarf joint on a properly setup bandsaw with perfection.

    Third: Load the pre-cut heel blocks and milled headpiece into the jig and with a few twists of the quick-release knobs and clamps and your neck is completely glued and assembled. You can do this is as little as 10 minutes and this is record time in the guitar-building industry, plus you can forget about throwing away mis-matched neck parts ever again. 

    Note: As ALL of our plans are sold as digital downloads, when you complete your plan purchase with us, you will automatically be given a download link to access the plans.

    The jig has the capabilities to glue both 6 and 12 string guitars.