Plate Joining Jig Plans - Guitar

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    One of the most important and most difficult joints to get right on our instrument is the center joint of the top and back plate. It's difficult to use mechanical clamps of any kind with this thin wood, yet there has to be enough force to hold the plate half together to get a solid joint

    I developed the Plate Joining Jig Plans - Guitar to quickly and easily solve this problem. With this jig you can load the prepared plates and apply enough pressure with the cam clamps, while at the same time holding the joint from displacing with the center retainer.

    You will be impressed with the quality you get with this tool and never have to be concerned about the joint pulling apart.

    The Plate Joining Jig Plans - Guitar Content:

    Sheet #1: Assembled jig with notes and dimensions. Top view and side view of jig. Cam Clamp details
    Sheet #2: Template layout of all jig parts give easy cutting diagrams to follow.

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