Belly Bridge Ramp Sanding Jig Plans

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    If you make more than one guitar bridge at a time, this jig will save lots of time in the shop. This tool requires a stationary belt sander to work.

    Typically, all forms of belly bridges used on acoustical have graceful ramps from the outer edges that taper up to the full thickness of the bridge. The ramps vary from luthier to luthier, but typically they start out at 1/3 to 1/2 the thickness of the bridge and connects with a curved surface until it meets with the top surface of the bridge just outside the saddle slot.

    Build our Belly Bridge Ramp Sanding jig from our detailed Digital Plans and construct this great luthier tools for yourself. We give you all the detail, and views of the top, side and ends with meticulous notation so you can easily build this jig.

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