MasterTone 5-String Banjo Files



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    General Information:

    These 3D Files were constructed from our popular MasterTone 5-String Banjo Plans that we have in the plan section of our site. Refer to the Specs Tab on that page, located below the "BUY" button for these 3D files. You will find that these files will provide a top level of convenience to customers who possess a CNC router, or access to CNC routing services. 

    We offer our MasterTone 5-String Banjo either as a complete set or individual pieces (4) pieces total. For instance if you only want the Neck or the fretboard, you can purchase the files to mill them separately.

    Unsure if these files will work on your CNC system? Download our free Gibson Mustache Bridge 3D CNC files to be sure. Download HERE.

    Note that all hardware including tuners, tone ring, and all other metal parts, frets, purfling, bindings, screws, truss rod, and sides are not a part of these files and are shown for illustration purposes.

    All these 3D CNC files are formatted in STL format (Stereolithography) Most 3D CNC controller software should handle this popular formatting. Check with your software provider if you are unsure of this.

    We recommend that you purchase the PDF plans MasterTone 5-String Banjo to give details of construction for these model files.

    MasterTone 5-String Banjo Complete:

    This option consists of (1) file with (11) components detailed below. Note, these files do not include any modeled metal parts such as tuners, flange, tone ring, tailpiece, compression ring or bridge.

    MasterTone 5-String Neck:

    This option will give you (2) files. The first file, the complete neck is modeled accurately and smoothly according to the original MasterTone Banjo, complete with Fiddlehead Headpiece, Truss-rod Slot w/ Access at the headpiece, Tuner Holes and the heel which is modeled to fit a standard One-Piece Flange. The neck is modeled with a 1.5 degree angle to the pot assembly. The second file will be a neck blank without milling for the heel or tuners so you can mill it for a tube and flange or other custom flange, if you so desire.

    MasterTone 5-String Fretboards:

    This option you will receive (6) files including, the finished fretboard w/fret slots, MasterTone style pearl inlay recesses. The second file consists of a blank fretboard modeled to correct thickness w/ fret slots. The fretboard is slightly longer for fitting to the pot assembly. The third file is a blank headpiece overlay cut with the fiddlehead headpiece shape and trussrod access opening. The fourth file is the headpiece overlay as above w/ recesses cut for Mastertone Pearl Inlays. The last 2 files include the pearl inlays for the headpiece and fretboard in the MasterTone tradition.

    MasterTone 5-String Wood Rims:

    This is (2) files. The first file is the Mastertone wood rim for the One-Piece Flange. The second file is for the MasterTone wood rim for the Tube and Plate for the Archtop version.

    MasterTone 5-String Resonator:

    This is (1) file consisting of the complete wood resonator back and side, routed to accept the standard purfling at the top and bottom of the sides and cutout for the neck and flange.

    Refer to our 3D CNC Faq Sheet for detailed information of these files. Also, if you are new to CNC routing check out our page on CNC Routing for Beginners for information and helpful videos.

    Note that the photos on this page are actual rendered images from these files. All Hardware, including, bridges, tuners, knobs, screws etc. are not included as part of these files. These files are digital only.

    **GenOne Luthier Supply is not affiliated with any guitar manufacturer, nor are our plans exact replicas of any guitar**