Arch Binding Cutter

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      This Jig was designed to minimize cleaning and reworking the binding and purling channel for instruments with an arched back, such as acoustic guitars. As you probably experienced, (or will experience) when you cut the binding and purfling channel with a router, the router base sits flat on the arched back surface and the cutting head is then tilted inward toward the instrument side. To adjust the channel you have to widen the channel where it tilts outward on the top edge.

      This can lead to inconsistent results and variations in the finished thickness of the binding, which is a mark of an amateur builder. Some luthiers decide to address this problem by sanding the binding channel with files and sanding sticks, which can lead to inconsistencies and mistakes.

      Another and much more expensive option are tools manufactured especially to address this problem. Some tools that come to mind are commercial routing devices which are fixed and offer a vertical travel, which keeps the router perfectly vertical. these devices can cost several hundred dollars and are more suited to large shops.

      The Arch Binding Cutter Jig solves this problem more easily, by adjusting the cutter head on the router to a 90 (+/-) degree angle to the side by compensating the base of the jig to the arch of the instrument. The jig base is designed for both a 12' and a 15' radius base, which matches what you will need for our acoustic guitars. You can of course make additional bases to accommodate whatever radius arch you have on your instruments. While not perfectly vertical you reduce your work load by at least 90%

      Finally touch-up channels with sanding blocks, leveling out all inconsistencies.

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