Baritone 14 Fret Ukulele 3D CNC Files



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    General Information:

    These 3D Files were constructed from our popular Baritone 14 Fret Ukulele Plans and 2D CNC files that we have in the plan section of our site. You will find that these files will provide a top level of convenience to customers who possess a CNC router, or access to CNC routing services.

    We offer our Baritone 14 Ukulele plans either as a complete set or individual sets (4) sets total. if you don’t need the entire ukulele, For instance if you only want the neck, you can purchase the files to mill the neck set only.

    Unsure if these files will work on your CNC system? Download our free Gibson Mustache Bridge 3D CNC files to be sure. Download HERE.

    Note that all hardware including tuners, frets, purfling, rosette, bindings, linings, screws, truss rod, tail block, and sides are not a part of these files and are shown for illustration purposes.

    All these 3D CNC files are formatted in STEP format (Standard for the Exchange of Product Data). Most 3D CNC controller software should handle this popular formatting. STL files are available upon request.

    The available files are detailed below:

    Baritone 14 Ukulele Top Plate with Top Braces and Back Plate with Back Braces:

    This file consists of (8) files.

    1. The top plate is contoured to the proper shape with soundhole. Complete top brace set is provided complete with scalloping and rounding contours. Bridge plate and soundhole reinforcement is also provided. Note: Top plate does not include any geometry for bindings, purfling or soundhole trim.

    2. The back plate is included with the proper contour. Braces are totally shaped and back seam reinforcement is included. Note: Back plate does not contain any geometry for bindings or purflings.

    Baritone 14 Ukulele Neck Set:

    This file consists of (10) files

    This file will give you a smooth 3D file of the neck contour, heel contour, mortise and tenon joint attachment to the headblock, complete peg head contour. Two neck models are included. One with tuner post holes and one without. The Headplate is also included. Finally a file is included for the Head and Tail Blocks.

    Baritone 14 Ukulele Fretboard Set:

    This file will contain the proper fretboard outline perimeter, fretboard recesses for the MOP Inlays and fret slots for the proper scale. (.023"; .58mm wide). Pearl inlays are included in the model as separate objects.


    Baritone 14 Ukulele Bridge:

    This file includes the proper bridge for the Tenor Ukulele. It includes tie block trim, slot for saddle and string holes. This model is setup to allow a 1.0mm thick trim piece to be installed on the top of the tie block.

    Baritone 14 Ukulele Complete:

    For a reduced price you will receive all the above files.

    Refer to our 3D CNC Faq Sheet for detailed information of these files. Also, if you are new to CNC routing check out our page on CNC Routing for Beginners for information and helpful videos.

    Note that the photos on this page are actual rendered images from these files. All Hardware, including Electronics, tuners, knobs, screws etc. are not included as part of these files. These files are digital only.

    **GenOne Luthier Supply is not affiliated with any guitar manufacturer, nor are our plans exact replicas of any guitar**