Crown Sanding Jig - Ukulele

  • Description

    When joining the ukulele back to the sides, the objective of the luthier is to achieve the best possible joint between the back plate of the ukulele and the kerfing and sides. Not only will this provide significant structural advantages, it will give you a hairline joint which is desired for acoustic qualities of the instrument by enhancing the vibration of the back plate.

    Use this handy jig to create the proper angle on the sides and top of the back lining blocks. Also, you can use it to put the proper angle on the head and butt blocks, which can be challenging. Do carefully check the angles on the head block though as the bottom of this block is influenced by arches in 2 directions.

    All of these plans are digital downloads. This plan is sized to print out on one 11"x17" sheet or you can splice (2) letter sized sheets together. The plans are at a 50% scale and you should not use this as a template, but follow the dimensions only.

    Plans show the assembled jig, along with complete dimensions and notes. Every part of the jig is carefully dimensioned and noted for clarity and ease of construction.