Drill Press Fence Plans


General Information:

I developed this fence for my drill press that I use for about 90% of my drilling operations. I searched for a tool like this for many years and finally decided to just make my own and tailor it to building jigs, drilling out slotted peg heads and dozens of other tasks around the shop that need accurate, repeatable results.

Note that this tool is designed for use with a drill press with a metal table and not a wood or other non-magnetic table such as aluminum, because it uses the recently developed Mag Switches which allow lightening quick attachment and adjustments to the fence. If you aren't familiar with the Mag Switches, you should be. These handy devices allow you to turn the magnetic attraction on and off with a simple turn of the knob. I have setup this fence to utilize the Magswitch MAGJIG 150, which is a very strong magnet that securely holds the fence in place. The Magswitch requires a 40mm hole for installation in 3/4" Plywood.

Also, since boring tuning machine holes for the drums on classical guitars and the tuning stem on slotted head steel string guitars and ukuleles is a very demanding process that requires precise hole locations, the shims included with the jig will fill the bill. Note that these shims are designed to match our plans. Be sure you verify with the actual instrument requirements.

Those of you with a CNC can also purchase the CNC files which include both a .dwg and .dxf CAD file to run on your CNC machine.

Note: As ALL of our plans are sold as digital downloads, when you complete your plan purchase with us, you will automatically be given a download link to access the plans.

Plans include (2) very detailed drawings giving you all of the detail you will need to build this bender with ease.

Drill Press Fence Plan Content:

This plan consists of two sheets that shows the top view and front elevation and end view of the fence so you can easily construct it. As with all of the plans you will find here, this one is very complete with notes and dimensions and full-size print-outs for all the parts so you can effortlessly make this tool in a couple of hours.

The second sheet Includes the template layout off all the pieces of the fence giving you clear cutting templates to make the fence.


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