Fretboard Radius Tool

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      Many luthiers find that placing the proper radius, both evenly or consistently into the fretboard one of the most difficult tasks of the build. Even with radius blocks there is endless sanding, on very hard wood, with mixed results. Since almost all electric guitars and most acoustic instruments require a fretboard with some degree of radius, this is a task we face with just about every guitar that is made.

      Also, some of the more sophisticated electric and bass guitars require a compound radius, which is a constantly changing radius dimension from the nut to the body. How do you do that with sanding blocks, without making a mess of your expensive fretboard?

      I have been working on a solution for a jig to place an even, very consistent radius' on the fretboard, both quickly and precisely, and the GLS Fretboard Radius Tool is the result of years of trial and error.

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