Plate Joining Jig - Guitar 2D CNC Files

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    General Information:

    2D CNC Files for our Plate Joining Jig - Guitar.

    Our 2D CNC Files are exact depictions of each of our PDF Tool Plans. These 2D counterparts are constructed exactly from the the same CAD files that were used to create our drawing files.

    1. How are 2D files valuable to the luthier? There are many possibilities here such as:
    2. Use a CNC router to cut out accurate outlines of all tool parts.
    3. Cut all partial pocket depths, through holes and more.

    All of our files are neatly separated into a logical layering system so you can easily create different toolpaths for such cuts as outlines, pockets, holes and more.

    By purchasing these files, you will receive .DWG and .DXF files which are easily loaded and read by most CAD programs and are easily editable to meet the needs of your production.

    Take out a lot of the menial chores in lutherie, and check out the 2D CNC Files for our Plate Joining Jig - Guitar today and get absolute and repeatable work for all your instrument tool building projects.

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