Fretboard Radius Blocks

General Information:

Having an accurate set of fretboard radius blocks on hand will aid the luthier in building a premium quality arched fretboard. These blocks will help you complete this task without a lot of guesswork to attain an accurately rounded fretboard.

The only tool that is better and more accurate than having a good set of fretboard radius blocks is our Fretboard Radius Tool.

These radius blocks are drawn with 7.5", 10", 12", 14" 16" and 20" radii, giving you the solution to most acoustic and electric guitar fretboards.

If you have access to a quality bandsaw that is perfectly setup, simply cut the block profiles out and use spray adhesive of the back of the paper. Attach the template to the block of wood, (I prefer Rock Maple).Make sure you start out with a large enough piece of wood stock to sit squarely on the bandsaw table and carefully cut out the fretboard arch contour. Stay spot-on the contour. Finish by hand-sanding and carefully monitoring your progress. Finally cut the rest of the block outline.

We are now offering these Radius Blocks as 3D CNC Files. For more information on this CLICK HERE.

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