Silicone Heating Blanket - Guitars

General Information:

Silicone Blankets are here and shipping now.

We have just decided to handle the silicone heating blankets - guitars used for bending guitar sides with our Heated Side Bender. These are high quality blankets with smooth faces and are the same blankets that I have used for years. These blankets for the guitar bender are 5 3/4" x 36" and at total wattage of 1,080 watts or 5 watts/sq. in. The blanket comes with 12" heat resistant teflon leads and a C14 plug which plugs into our Blanket Heating Controller. The blanket is designed for use only with 120V receptical.

Don't waste your money of the cheap  blankets available on the web. Use only the highest quality blankets that will give you years of service.

Note: These heating blankets can only be used with a heating controller. If you plug them directly into a 120 wall receptical they will run wild and burn out and cause a fire. Do not exceed a temperature setting of 140 degrees centigrade on the temperature controller.


Silicone Rubber heaters are resistance wire heating circuits Electron. The thin profile transfers heat quickly. Silicone Rubber heaters are resistant to temperature extremes, moisture, weathering, radiation, fungus and chemical attack. 

The Guitar Heating Blankets are sized 5 3/4" wide x 36" long and the material is silicone encased resistance heating wiring. The finish is very smooth and they are made high quality materials, manufactured in the USA. Wattage: 1,080 Total Watts. 120V, 12" Teflon Leads, C14 Plug for use with our Electronic Controller. 

Note: These blankets are available only to USA customers. Shortly we will handle 240v versions for select international countries.

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