Solid Body Electric Guitar #1 3D CNC Files

General Information:

These 3D Files are based off our popular Solid Body Electric Guitar #1 PDF files and 2D CNC files that we have been offering recently. These 3D files will bring a whole new level of convenience to our customers that possess a CNC machine or have access to CNC routing services.

These files feature (4) different files that break the guitar down into convenient pieces and if you only wish to purchase a body or neck or any other portion listed here, you will be able to do that. Or, you can purchase the entire group of files for a reduced price.

Unsure if these files will work on your CNC system? Download our free Gibson Mustache Bridge 3D CNC files to be sure. Download HERE.

Note: All these 3D CNC files are formatted in STEP format (Standard for the Exchange of Product Data). Most 3D CNC controller software should handle this popular formatting. We are now including STL (Stereolithography) files with each download.

The available files are detailed below:

Solid Body Electric Guitar #1 Body:

This file gives all the 3D information you will need to set up your tool paths for routing the outline of the body, pickup cavities, tremolo cavities, electronics recesses, neck recess, neck bolts and the body edge radius.

Solid Body Electric Guitar #1 Neck:

This file will give you a smooth 3D file of the neck contour, heel contour, complete peg head contour, tuner holes, and truss rod channel.

Solid Body Electric Guitar #1 Fretboard:

This file will contain the proper fretboard outline perimeter, fretboard radius (9.5") position dot recesses and fret slots for the proper scale. (.023"; .58mm wide). MOP dots are also included.

Solid Body Electric Guitar #1 Pickguard & Neck Plate:

This file contains the Pickguard outline and bevel, pickup cavities, pot holes and screw holes. Also, included in this file is the Neck Plate Cover.

Solid Body Electric Guitar #1 Complete:

This option will give you all the above files in one package for a reduced price.

Refer to our 3D CNC Faq Sheet for detailed information of these files.

Note that the photos on this page are actual rendered images from these files. All Hardware, including Electronics, bridges, tuners, knobs, screws etc. are not included as part of these files. These files are digital information only.

**GenOne Luthier Supply is not affiliated with any guitar manufacturer, nor are our plans exact replicas of any guitar**

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Additional Electric Guitar Plan Info:

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2D CNC File Info:

 Use these files to help generate CNC files and tool paths for your CNC Machinery.

2D CNC File FAQ's

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