Ultimate Guitar Tabs Intermediate Book 1

  • Description


      I've developed these guitar tabs over the years both during my music teaching years and more recently, documenting the songs with the advanced notation software that is now available to all musicians.

      Throughout most of my carrier, I've played finger style guitar. In the late 1990's I started to get into flat picking styles and fiddle tunes

      The books featured here are all fiddle tune standards, and should be the songs you learn to build a base repertoire before moving on to more advanced material.

      The books are setup in 3 levels of player experience - beginner, intermediate and advanced, which should satisfy most guitar players no matter what your level of experience. Also, each collection has 2 separate books with 12 songs in each book for a total of 24 songs

      Each song has beginner, intermediate and advanced versions, giving you a lot of versatility in your playing.