J200 12-String Guitar Plans

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      The Jumbo or J200 is known as the "King of the Flattops", and when you get one in your hands you will understand why. This guitar features a loud, clear voice for either delicate fingerpicking or strumming with a flatpick. The impressive features and stature of this guitar are legendary, as this may be the largest production guitar made today. This plan is the 12-String version of the J-200.

      Many subtle variations can be introduced to this guitar to change the tone and volume characteristics. Use a quality AAA or even AAAA Sitka Spruce top for best sound and volume production. For more volume use one of the Rosewoods for the back and sides, Walnut will offer warmer tones and balance as will Rock Maple.

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      The following tabs detail what you will receive on our J200 12-String Guitar Plans:

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