Grand Symphony Guitar Plans

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      Purchase these full-sized, very detailed plans of a Grand Symphony guitar similar to the GS. This guitar has a 14-fret neck with a 4 7/8" deep body at the deepest section.

      This versatile guitar sports a very popular body style that will supply ample response and volume and reacts to light strumming and balanced fingerpicking that I'm sure will impress you. If you are looking for a great all-purpose guitar, this one will fill the bill.

      Interested in 3D CNC files for this guitar, including V-braces? Visit Grand Symphony 3D CNC files for tenon and dovetail joint options and more.

      Note: As ALL of our plans are sold as digital downloads, when you complete your plan purchase with us, you will automatically be given a download link to access the plans.

      The following tabs detail what you will receive with our Grand Symphony Guitar Plans:

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