Collings DS2H V Brace Guitar Plans

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      Electronic Plans of the DS2H shape guitar manufactured by Collings Guitar, Inc. While at first glance this looks like a HD28vs knock-off, there are some distinctive differences. The guitar body is slightly larger in plan size, with the body being both wider and longer. Also the body depth is considerably deeper by about 19mm (3/4"), giving this guitar more bass and volume.

      Also, the scale length is slightly different at 25.5" vs the 25.4" for the HD28vs. If you decide to purchase this guitar plan, be sure to download our free Acoustic Guitar Neck Profile pdf, which will give you a window into (4) completely different/unique neck shapes to choose from.

      Collings has always been one of my favorite Acoustic Guitars of all time. I have one of their Dreadnoughts and before I purchased it, I compared it to everything that Elderly Instruments in Lansing MI had to offer, including many pre-war Martins, and the Collings blew them away. So if you are looking for a Vintage guitar shape with more voice that the HD28vs, give this guitar a try!

      This plan features our newest bracing pattern. The V Brace. This is a completely different patterns as compared to the standard X-Brace pattern that has been around since C.F. Martin introduced it on their Dreadnought series of guitars in the 1920's. The V-Brace balances the tone better and drives the sound toward the soundhole much more directly. Also the top will vibrate more freely due to the fact the only brace tied to the sides is the lateral brace.

      Structural support is enhanced by the enlarged bridge plate being tied not only to the top, but to the twin V-Braces as well.

      Note: As ALL of our plans are sold as digital downloads, when you complete your plan purchase with us, you will automatically be given a download link to access the plans.

      The following tabs detail what you will receive with our Collins DS2H V-Brace Guitar Plans:

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