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    The dreadnought 6-string guitar was one of the most significant innovation of the Martin Guitar Co. This guitar is the standard and legendary for it's incredible balance, projection and robust tone. Although this guitar model is most closely associated with bluegrass and folk styles, the bold sound and projection is suitable for any genre.

    While wood selection can be whatever the luthier or customer desires, the classic D18 uses ribbon cut Genuine Mahogany (Honduras Mahogany) back and sides with Sitka Spruce Top. The D28 uses Indian Rosewood with Adirondack Spruce Top.

    Note that the original pre-WWII D28's used Brazilian Rosewood. Unfortunately that wood is no longer available and is on the endangered species list. Also, since quality Adirondack Spruce can be difficult to obtain, consider either Sitka Spruce, or European Spruce for the top plate and braces

    This plan features our newest bracing pattern. The V Brace. This is a completely different patterns as compared to the standard X-Brace pattern that has been around since C.F. Martin introduced it on their Dreadnought series of guitars in the 1920's. The V-Brace balances the tone better and drives the sound toward the soundhole much more directly. Also the top will vibrate more freely due to the fact the only brace tied to the sides is the lateral brace.

    Structural support is enhance by the enlarged bridge plate being tied not only to the top, but to the twin V-Braces as well.

    Interested in 3D CNC files for this guitar, including neck variations, fretboards and V-braces? Visit D28 3D CNC files for tenon and dovetail joint options and more.

    Note: As ALL of our plans are sold as digital downloads, when you complete your plan purchase with us, you will automatically be given a download link to access the plans.

    The following tabs detail what you will get with our Dreadnought V Brace Guitar Plans:

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