Heated Side Bender Plans 6" - Ukulele

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    Stop paying the price of pre-bent sides or trying to bend your sides and cracking them. Bend your own sides quickly and easily.

    From our Heated Side Bender Plans-Ukulele 6", build our GenOne Luthier Supply - Heated Ukulele Side Bender Tool and construct this easy-to-build tool in just a few hours. You will get the same results every time in just minutes! Note that this plan differs from our standard Ukulele Bender by being wider by 2" to allow you to bend 2 sides at one time with a standard guitar silicone blanket and 6" wide stainless steel slats.

    Note: As ALL of our plans are sold as digital downloads, when you complete your plan purchase with us, you will automatically be given a download link to access the plans.

    The Ukulele Bender Plans include (5) very detailed drawings giving you all of the detail you will need to build this jig with ease.

    For Our New Heating Blanket Controller Kit Sales Page, CLICK HERE.

    For Comprehensive Instructions on building this tool, CLICK HERE.

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