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GS Mini V Brace Guitar Plans

  • General Information:

    The GS Mini is a fun little scaled down version of the GS or Grand Symphony guitar. The popularity of the Mini is renowned and has become one the most favorite guitar shapes used in the home and it is known now as the modern day parlor guitar. Also, because of its smaller size and shorted scale, it has become very popular for women and kids who don't have quite the finger span needed for the larger guitars. Despite its small size, it still packs a rich deep voice when it comes to tone and volume.

    This versatile guitar sports a very popular body style that will supply ample response and volume and reacts to light strumming and balanced fingerpicking that I'm sure will impress you. If you are looking for a great all-purpose guitar, this one will fill the bill.

    This plan features our newest bracing pattern. The V Brace. This is a completely different patterns as compared to the standard X-Brace pattern that has been around since C.F. Martin introduced it on their Dreadnought series of guitars in the 1920's. The V-Brace balances the tone better and drives the sound toward the soundhole much more directly. Also the top will vibrate more freely due to the fact the only brace tied to the sides is the lateral brace.

    Structural support is enhanced by the enlarged bridge plate being tied not only to the top, but to the twin V-Braces as well.

    The following tabs detail what you will receive from our GS Mini V Brace Guitar Plans.

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