OM-14 Fret Guitar Plans

  • General Information:

    Whether you are in the studio, playing on stage, or just practicing at home, every note that leaves this guitar will be articulate and rich. Solo playing will soar without compromising the overall balance of the guitar.

    If you wish to match vintage specs for this model, use an Adirondack Spruce top and Honduras Mahogany sides and back, which will match the tonal quality of the original model produced in 1933.

    Also, with a medium sized body, this instrument will be comfortable for players of all physical statures. With the neck joining the body at the 14th fret, it will allow you to reach the upper registers without the need for a cutaway.

    Interested in 3D CNC files for this guitar? Visit OM 14-Fret 3D CNC files for Diamond Joint headpiece with tenon and dovetail joint options.

    The following tabs detail what you will receive from our OM-14 Fret Guitar Plans.

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